Alfonso Aguirre is a conceptual and realist painter, his art ranges from realism to abstract and from watercolours to oils. Multifaceted, he spent four years in Florence, Italy learning his craft from the great Florentine Masters.

Wanting to explore every facet of what it means to be an artist, he moved to California where he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Masters Degree in Fine Art.

Brett Reichman, Toni Labatt, Alfredo Jaar, Mark Van Proyen, Amy Ellingson and Bill Berkson, amongst many other amazing contemporary artists, were his mentors and friends.  With them, he experienced the great conceptual and contemporary traditions of Intervention, performance, concept art, and how to apply these to more traditional forms.

Alfonso Aguirre’s art is a subtle balance between the artistry of the past great Masters and the new.

Artist Statement

“The Neutral is an ambiguous, undefined, un-dogmatic space before definitions occur. It is not a passive but an active and aggressive force.” -Roland Barthes.

The Neutral (le neutre), as Roland Barthes describes it, escapes or undoes the paradigmatic binary oppositions that structure and produce meaning in Western thought and discourse. These binaries are found in all aspects of human society ranging from language to sexuality to politics. For Barthes, the attempt to deconstruct or escape from these binaries has profound ethical, philosophical, and linguistic implications.

My work deals with the juxtaposition of opposite ideas such as singular identity versus repetition, spirituality and sexuality, monasticism and drag, religious iconography and humor, content and material, gender politics and cultural identity using the singularity and the repetition that tries to create an undefined space in which these ideas can exist together. Contradictions become complementary and unified in a formal, physical and conceptual whole.